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Spot Remover

Spots can really make your carpets look unattractive and dirty, but are an inevitable part of life, especially if you have kids and pets.  Use our professional spot cleaner in-between cleaning to keep your carpets looking as bright as possible.  Most spots will come out substantially easier if treated immediately.  With your own supply of cleaner, you can increase your success at removing unwanted spots that may turn into stains.   

Carpet Rakes

Carpet fibers can look dull and matted without a little extra attention.  Try using a carpet rake every few months to revitalize your carpet fibers and to apply deodorizer or carpet fiber protection to your carpets in-between professional cleaning.


Need a little help between cleanings to keep your house smelling fresh and neutralizing pet odors?  We can help, with a bottle of professional strength deodorizer.  Contact us today.

Gift Certificates

Not sure what to get a loved one this December?  Try a practical gift that says I care about your health and comfort.  Available in any denomination over $10.00.  Contact us today.


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